How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills – Gordon Ramsay

We must compiled 5 previous videos right into one, helping you to understand your fundamental abilities in the kitchen area. Food preparation rice, slicing an onion, honing a knife, deboning a fish as well as food preparation pasta.
From Gordon's Ultimate Culinary Training course.
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75 Replies to “How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills – Gordon Ramsay”

  1. I must have misheard at 1:20, I added 400g of Ricin. The rice was delicious
    but now me and my family are dead.

    1. I watch out of respect for his craftsmanship. A lot of the shenanigans
      Ramsay gets into exploring the many facets of food and consumtion of food
      are very interesting. Under the yelling and anger in a professional
      environment I see he has a genuine and deep passion for food. Videos like
      these make me realize he wants everyone to know how to cook fine food for
      themselves, even the most amateur.

  2. wow. I’m happy I’ve been doing rice correctly this entire time! I’m 14 and
    get so excited when I cook. Hope I can be half as good as Gordon some day.

    1. +Icy Dive422 Nah, the Asians cook rice while practicing ninja and playing
      piano obviously. They do them all at once

    2. As with all artists
      Don’t give up, don’t fool youself into thinking it’ll be easy, take praise
      and rejection both with a grain of salt, and know exactly what you want.
      Anyone can be Ramsay. It just takes the motivation and confidence that
      comes with real passion, good luck.

      Also, I’m proud of you. This rice recipe is fucking delicious.

    3. +Icy Dive422 I am hoping to get a rice cooker 🙂 hopefully a lot easier.
      I’m not sure but i think u can use them to make mochi too?? Idk am i
      educated? Probs not :/

    1. it got thrown away. you dont use skin for stock. and gordon ramsay sure as
      hell isnt worried about wasting skin,

  3. if you tell an italian to add oil in the pot while cooking pasta they will
    murder you…
    but he is one of the best chefs in the world… sooooo who to believe!

    1. realisticly the oil never even comes in contact with the pasta because the
      oil floats to the top of the pot

    2. yeah, oil floating on the water doesn’t really do that, and I like the
      thoughts that dry sticky pasta slurps up sauce. better. and I always stir
      the pasta, when it goes in, macaroni is one of the worst for that. I think
      a little butter or olive oil if you’re not saucing the pasta like.
      instantly, then it’ll need it, angel hair is one of my faves but super
      sticky and clumpy.

  4. How to master 5 basic cooking skills:
    Go to school
    Do your homework
    Earn a lot of money
    Hire Gordon Ramsay

    1. +Znawca Bigosu This is how most people do it, if we’re being honest with
      ourselves I believe it has a bit to do with quicker prep time. Gordon is
      someon who cooks for other people though. I figure if you’re being served
      fish by anyone but your family you expect it deboned. I would.

    First off, pan on, I want my raw noodle crispy, because I’m gonna cook it
    in wotah.
    Crush 2 cloves of garlic, finely chop it, garlic in
    Olive oil in, season your raw dry noodle with solt and peppah, drizzle a
    ton of olive oil to help the season stick in.
    Noodle in, if you dont hear the sizzling sound, dont put it in, fry it
    until it golden brown. A bottle of red wine in, reduce the heat, put 3 star
    anises and crushed fennel seeds in, boil until the alcohol cook out.
    Add chicken stock and let it simmer. Lastly, I want my noodle to be very
    Instant noodle, Done!

    1. I’m Hispanic and i eat rice cuz many people from South America eat rice(i
      was born in america but my parents are from Ecuador)

  6. Whenever I make rice the boiling water rices out of the pan and it floods,
    and then i’m forced to take the lid off to stop the flooding. How can I
    prevent this? Is the heat too high?

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