How I Eat Healthy on a Low Budget! (Cheap & Clean)

I am surviving on a budget, just like the majority of you. Is it really possible to consume healthy and balanced? YES!
Below are my leading 20 ideas on how I go shopping wise, what components I get to live as well as eat healthy and balanced. Healthy and balanced living is not expensive. It's just a matter of taking some time to intend your meals, grocery store list, maintain it within your spending plan and also you will certainly have the ability to live and consume healthy, drop weight, feel and look your best! =-RRB-.

So allow's not give ourselves any longer cash excuses!

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47 Replies to “How I Eat Healthy on a Low Budget! (Cheap & Clean)”

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    2. Or you could let the brown rice cook for about 5 minutes or more (depending
      on your rice cooker), then add the white rice and mix it together.

    1. +Christine In Asia, they shop for foods every morning before cook lunch.
      And most of people don’t need a fridge.

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      lose weight, then I have the solution for you!
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    3. +Christine eat chicken in india. chicken in western country tastes like
      plastic compared to that x)

  1. This was an excellent vid but I am a bit disappointed with the choice of
    eggs, I buy free range eggs, eat a little less eggs and substitute with
    beans which are an excellent source of protein, just saying :)

    1. Free range aint great but better than non free range their locked up in
      cages often never see light die of dicease and their beaks are burnt off so
      they dont get irritated and peck each other this women buying these cheap
      eggs is heartless

  2. I wanna eat healthy so bad, especially because I know it’s possible even on
    my family’s budget. The problem is nobody else in my family wants to so if
    I ate healthy i’d be eating separately which would cost more :/

    1. +Brenda A. It really sucks. I’m the most in-shape person in my household.
      Everyone elese has either forced themselves to believe that “eating healthy
      is impossible on our budget” or just stopped caring. It’s sad to see.

    2. refuse to buy the junk anymore. make food from scratch. are you the cook?
      use your power. i mean start with food tht they like. cook simple foods.
      eggs can be made so many ways. potatoes too. potatoes are non gmo at the
      moment. wht has happened is our society is addicted to the food because it
      is really drugs. eat healthy one week. then try to eat some random
      processed food. you can’t to it. it will make you physcally ill. brothers
      green eats is a great channel on cheap healthy food and it is food kids
      will like. they show college cooking and all. they are great.

    3. +Rykoo yes you can. i am not blessed with the cookin gene either. so i hear
      you. first of all before you start get into the right mindset. think abt
      how you love your babes. then go to food and send the love thru the food.
      as you scramble an egg. think and feel the love. this will develop the key
      ingredient in cooking–patience. plus yrs ago i worked with a girl who
      swore she could taste the mood of the person in her food. if it was
      prepared with care and love or not. i thought she was nuts at the time.
      then i got cancer. tht sent me on my journey with food. disease can be
      healed with food. you will be amazed how food is connected with our soul
      and very being. i just watched a video on the connection with crime and
      food. i will send it to you. boring but informative. there are many
      channels out there cheap and easy. and mostly healthy. the brothers green
      eats do healthy on big budget. they say everything can be cooked in a
      forman grill. it is the best kitchen aid ever invented. get tortillias. wrp
      it and kids will eat it. a great sandwich. apples and cheese. slice cheddar
      thin and apples thin. mayo and bread. healthy and good. got tht from the
      british. another cool channel is french guy cooking or something like tht.
      just start simple. keep it plain and simple and you will be surprised. you
      can and will cook m’ lady.

  3. Sorry Chickens? Really? Inhumane treatment is never acceptable. I was super
    disappointed to hear you say this! I love your videos and have watched
    several. Do yourself, and the chickens a favor and watch the videos on
    caged chickens. If you watch the videos and can still justify this
    treatment, you don’t have the moral compass I hoped you had. If you have
    not, or refuse to watch the videos I will be even more disappointed. Living
    in denial is not a way to live.

    1. Not buying the caged eggs won’t help the chickens out. There are still many
      people who will buy caged eggs. Even if the company fails, those chickens
      are probably killed.

    2. Your response is even more disappointing than your original statement. Do
      you vote? When you buy inhumanely raised food, you are voting for the
      practice to continue. Just because other people will buy caged eggs, does
      not mean you have too. And, you certainly should not be encouraging your
      audience to. Yes, it is true. The chickens will die, but that does not mean
      they have to live a horrible life while they are alive. We all die, it is
      the quality of life that we live that matters. Humanely raised eggs cost
      about $1 per dozen, that is only 8 cents per egg. More than worth the cost,
      plus they usually taste way better. Please educate yourself on the issue.

    3. +Deann DaSilva It still doesn’t matter because you can’t convince everyone
      who buys caged eggs to stop doing so. It doesn’t work that way. The only
      way to help the chickens out is to have laws put in place and enforced.
      One vote does not make a difference.
      (and btw I own 13 free-range chickens who are here in my own backyard, so I
      do empathize with you. I’m just saying that it is near impossible for one
      person to stop companies caging chickens.)

  4. Brilliant video but I could NEVER buy caged eggs. I just refuse to support
    that. They’re treated terribly. I would rather buy less eggs than caged.

    1. +bodybalancer you will never see any action taken unless the right thing is
      profitable… we put profilt before anything else and that needs to stop
      literally destroying the planet for paper… when we do wake up it will
      already be to late being a veggie is not only morally right but its right
      for our planent.. anaimal agriculture is literally raping our planet! Im
      guessing you have seen cowspiracy documentary? do the best you can thats
      all you can do its criminal eating healthy and being a veggie is expensive

    2. Don’t you fucking dare. It’s not a problem, it’s supporting a cause. You
      cannot pull that card. There’s a difference, and shaming people for
      standing up for something is nasty.

  5. i share your opinion about organic stuff. eating organic or vegan is
    honestly for rich people. i know you should take care of your environment
    and support the right stuff but in the first place you have to look after
    you. that organic farmer will not come pay your rent when you re broke bc
    you bought all his products x)

    1. eating vegan is not expensive if you don’t buy all that quorn/tofu/soy
      stuff that is usually very expensive. you can get all of your nutrients
      from veggies, fruits and nuts witch are very cheap! 🙂 i agree about
      organic food, too bad it is so expensive 🙁

    2. +SubbedDreams 21 i think it depends alot where you live. in europe
      vegetables are much more expensive than animal products. hell even a can of
      coke is cheaper then a bottle of water. it’s so wrong… In asia like india
      veggies are incredibly cheap. my main point was that i think ppl shouldnt
      hate on her bc of the eggs. she s trying her best and she s a super nice

  6. where isn she from? obviously she isn’t from america because a lot of what
    she says doesn’t apply to americans.

  7. you really should not compromise on eggs if at all possible. it is more
    than the chickens. it is wht you are putting into your body. traumatized
    chickens produced traumatized food. but it is more than tht. it is wht they
    are fed. it is the antibiotics. find a farmr to buy your eggs from if
    possible. i know in england you have excellent advantages to buy straight
    from the farm without having to travel miles.

    1. Whoever told you that eggs aren’t healthy ? Eggs provide proteins, vitamins
      and minerals (such as vitamin A, B12, D and zinc) which our body needs to
      properly function.

    2. I am a nutritionist. Anything that is cooked will lose most of its
      vitamins, plus B12 is only in eggs if the hens did eat natural food. B12 is
      created by bacteria, and can only be in animal food of animals that eat
      natural and healthy, just like we will get B12 if we eat fresh and raw
      natural foods that haven’t been overly cleaned and thus provide us with the
      bacteria needed to manufacture B12. What our body desperately needs are
      enzymes. No cooked food has any enzymes. Without enzymes we get ill, and a
      major reason for cancer ( I have had it) is a lack of enzymes.

    3. Even so, this does not explain why you’d deem eggs unhealthy. If what you
      say is true, eggs are still a source of protein, which is undeniably
      important for our body.

    4. well, animal protein can be quite harmful to your body, especially in large
      amounts/ Our body needs a lot of energy to digest animal protein, and half
      of it is not even present after boiling or frying an egg. Much animal
      protein puts also a strain on our kidneys..Well, I am not saying that eggs
      are dangerous to eat, but I sure wouldn’t call them a “health food”

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