Healthy meals for students and other busy people: 6-pack abs and gain muscle with good nutrition

Excellent nutrition is the secret to both losing fat as well as getting muscle mass, in this video I reveal you how to eat 6 cost-effective, healthy meals a day without food preparation or buying. This video remains in feedback to the hundreds of individuals who have written me saying they recognized their nourishment was dreadful however really felt vulnerable to enhance it as a result of the timetable restraints of their work, institution, or life. Consuming 6 tiny, well balanced meals a day is simple when you recognize just how and as soon as your nourishment is on track you will certainly discover it simple to decrease bodyfat to reveal those 8-pack abdominals as well as obtain muscle mass also.

The one point you need to do however is get rid of the idea that food always needs to be tasty. Jack LaLane had a great stating "If it tastes good, spit it out!" and its so true. If something is that excellent after that its more than likely obtained way too much sugar, salt, fat or fabricated tastes. When something tastes really, really great your initial idea should be – "whats in this?". Think about exactly what you are eating! If what makes it taste great is the awful things pointed out over after that spit it out. Clearly if you are consuming a carrot or an apple and also it tastes good this doesn't use. The saying is designed to make you think of every little thing you eat. If you do not know what is on the listing of active ingredients and its dietary content after that SPIT IT OUT!

Here are the meals I eat during the video clip:

5:00 am coffee and also protein powder mixed in water (regarding 100 cals).
6:30 am oatmeal with flax as well as protein powder (regarding 400 cals).
9:30 am combined icy veggies with pastas sauce and healthy protein powder blended in water (regarding 400 cals).
12:00 shredded wheat with nonfat milk, flax, and healthy protein powder (concerning 400 cals).
2:30 pm could of kidney beans and raisins (concerning 300 cals).
5:00 pm dried soybeans and raisins (about 300 cals).
7:30 pm blended frozen vegetables with spaghetti sauce and also protein powder mixed in water (about 300 cals).
9:00 pm healthy protein powder mixed in water (100 cals).

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48 Replies to “Healthy meals for students and other busy people: 6-pack abs and gain muscle with good nutrition”

    1. That’s easily like $50 a month in protein powder. This is why it pays to
      keep chicken breast stocked in your fridge, 4oz is pretty spot on
      equivalent to a scoop of good protein.

  1. I can’t afford all that protein… You’re saying that a meal is not a
    family thing. You’re gay, you don’t have children and it’s different for

    1. I’m guessing you didn’t read the vid description…..where it says nothing
      about a family meal. In fact, it specifically says students and other busy

    2. Lol, why are you being such a dick? Don’t let your anger out on Youtube, we
      already have enough problems. Maintaining a positive mindset can save
      lives(i.e avoiding bullying and pointless insulting; that can breed evil,
      like what happened with the loss of Christina Grimme recently)

    1. He’s a retired engineer. Have you seen what he owns? Two Porsche’s, an
      Audi, and a phucking single-engined airplane.

      The gentleman obviously knows his way around life.

  2. I’ve been all over YouTube looking at all these fancy hyped up videos, and
    then I remembered where the real info is. Thank you Scooby for always
    bringing me back to reality and giving me the straight no-crap answers!
    Always the man.

  3. I can understand where you are coming from when you say: If it tastes good,
    spit it out! But I only eat things that taste good to me and I am in great
    shape. It’s not that simple.

    1. +The Beautiful Green Beast I think the point he is trying to make is that
      if it tastes TOO good, spit it out. Like a big mac or a candy bar. Things
      that are loaded with sugar, salt, and fat that make your brain explode.
      After you learn to eat healthy, that stuff is going to taste good to you,
      so dont spit that out. haha

  4. my grandpa is 64 years old hes 5’10 183 arm size 16 1/2 doesn’t look as
    good ass this guy but hes great he almost haves abs but i will say almost
    not abs not fat but almost and he runs 3 miles every saturday I’m proud of

  5. Scooby! I gotta know. No other body builder will touch this question. How
    much sodium do you use in your diet, cutting or not? Heard a body builder
    say that he flushes extra sodium out with water. IMPOSSIBLE! Seems like you
    guys don’t care about salt in your diets.

    Please advise. Thanks in advance!

  6. Although I respect the fact you’re in your mid 50’s and in great shape the
    advice here is absolutely horrible. you’re telling people that food has to
    be terrible and boring to stay in shape, absolutely not true and this is
    what turns many off from healthy living. Guys please there are dozens of
    Youtubers putting out delicious and healthy recipes like Michael Kory or
    Fit Men Can Cook, don’t buy into this nonsense of protein and water 6 times
    a day!

  7. Or guys… Or, OR!!! Just use common sense to eat healthily and workout
    regularly, you’ll look good. You don’t need to eat fucking shredded wheat
    with water.

    1. +lusteraliaszero I see, you are contradicting something you have not tested
      yourself yet.Scooby used to just had 3 meals a day in the past then he
      tested 5-6 meals a days and saw great results by analysing his LBM. He is
      not following this method blinding he actually test it and saw results and
      been testing for 30 years. Like I say what matters is what works for you.
      What if increasing your meals to 5-6 will give you greater results? Is not
      that the point of scientific research? To answer “what if” works or not?
      What better research than the one you do yourself and works for you?
      Experience and common sense should never be taken lightly. Also like I said
      proper scientific research is very expensive and sadly the scientific
      research in bodybuilding is lacking. So the best choice is to test and do
      your own testing and research.

    2. +lusteraliaszero Have you tried it yourself? Have you measure your LBM for
      months and compare it if it makes a difference to eat 3 meals vs 5-6 meals?
      What matters in the end is what works for you.

    3. +R3N It’s not “bodybuilding” research, I’m referencing any scientifically
      peer reviewed studies, and no, that does not support 5-7 meals a day for
      any kind of benefit.

    4. +lusteraliaszero Most of the things Scooby says make sense and are medical
      facts nothing to do with bodybuilding research or “experience”. 1) Fiber
      reduces hunger because it takes longer to digest.Fiber add bulk to your
      meal with fewer calories than other foods. Is common knowledge that fiber
      is very healthy for your bowel and numerous health benefits.
      2) Is not a myth at all our bodies are good at storing fats and some sugars
      but not good at storing proteins that is why you “may” need a constant
      supply of proteins while your muscles are in the process of recovery. Not
      only that having one source of protein is not enough your body needs
      various sources of amino acids that a single protein source can’t
      provide.Another reason is keeping fiber in your stomach reduce hunger and
      can protect you against binge eating.
      Eating over 3x a day is not something Scooby invented many others have had
      successful result with this method. Of course it depends on individual a
      beginner or intermediate body builder may not need to eat over 3x times a
      day but an advanced body builder that push his/her body very hard needs
      longer time to recover and needs longer constant supply of protein.

  8. Scooby thank you for all that you do. I’m not trying to make you angry but
    I have one question. I want to be in decent shape, I’m 5’7 and 225, but I
    don’t think I want it that bad enough to endure a strict diet. I do run and
    work out, I can’t lift about 300 pounds, run 5 miles, I just love junk
    food. If I eat healthy meals with a occasional unhealthy meal or snack
    every two to three days, would that be enough to get into decent shape? I
    know this is unusual but I figure 1 or 2 bad meals a week won’t kill me if
    I’m eating healthy the rest of the week. I don’t want to be ripped but I
    would like to get down to 180. I hope this doesn’t anger you.

    1. +louisianabeast I can tell you that you don’t have to eat these meals
      and can make delicious healthy food if you invest the time to learn too.
      There are so many possibilities to make food tastier. If you are not
      pseudo vegetarian like scooby is you can make very delicious meat like
      Chicken breast. There are so many different methods to cook it. (I
      prefer BBQ and sear meat) Also so many ways to marinade and give it
      different taste. Just adding lemon can make it taste totally different.
      Other alternatives mustard(make sure is not honey mustard),salsa,
      peppers etc. Just avoid Sugar,Salt, Mayonnaise, butter. There are other
      condiments you can use. Another this is the type of coking you use! Its
      amazing how a type of food can taste totally different depending of
      method you used to cook it. Example boil,steam,pressure cooking,BBQ, pan
      searing, oven etc.
      I don’t like boiled broccoli at all but steamed broccoli that is not over
      cooked taste so delicious. There are many methods to make healthy delicious
      food but of course takes time and effort. Remember you can also microwave
      that BBQ chicken you made on Sunday to eat it over the week if you store it
      in the refrigerator.

    2. +louisianabeast At least you are honest with yourself, that does not make
      me unhappy. With health and physique you get out of it what you put into
      it. Just put in as much as you are willing for a year and see what results
      you get. If you dont get what you want, you may have to ‘pay’ more

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