Healthy Lunch Ideas for School ♡ Quick and Easy

Right here are some healthy lunch ideas for institution!!

Healthy Morning meal:.
Healthy and balanced Snacks:.
Healthy Dessert:.

** PLEASE READ ** If you do not like some of the ingredients you do not need to include them! These are simply some ideas **.

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35 Replies to “Healthy Lunch Ideas for School ♡ Quick and Easy”

  1. I love the salad bowl with the separate container for dressing! I prefer to
    dip my salad into my dressing and it is difficult to pack my dressing on
    the side because it often spills in my lunchbox no matter what container it
    is in. That looks like it would work- where is it from?!

    1. +AlishaMarie how much did the salad container with the little lunch
      container cost at target ?Since u wrote u got it at target a year a go u
      think its still there??

  2. I love sour cream but it’s really not that good for you, I do the greek
    yogurt thing all the time!

  3. I’m actually allergic to broccoli, not lying I choke when I eat it and one
    time my face turned red like a rash it faded in a few minutes, but it

  4. Love your mouthwatering n healthy ideas……..especially that cute salad
    container of yours. Thanks for sharing them. I’d sub strawberries with
    mangoes to go with the salad, as those red babies r quite expensive in my

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