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    1. +MO JO Stop being a white Knight, she’s not going to bed with you. Most
      women love to cook, that’s reality, and actually a compliment and an asset.
      Ever heard of a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Stop trolling
      I’ve seen your comments below. Don’t feed the troll people!

  1. Is there any advantage or benefit to paying more for ‘leaner’ minced meat?
    As far as I see it, if I cook ‘regular’ mince and I drain the fat off, then
    that’s fat and calories I’ve taken out of the dish, right?

    Or does ‘lean’ mince really have less fat in it regardless?

    1. +Zelnyair a lot of fat will still remain within the burger with the fattier
      meat. this is why leaner meats seem “drier” because of the smaller fat

    1. All of those ingredients are good for you, especially when you prepare it
      yourself and everything isn’t getting deep fried and whatnot.

      Potatoes – loaded with vitamins C, B-6, magnesium and iron
      Beef – Good protein, B-12, C, B-6 and magnesium

      Then more good stuff from the beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes, and probably
      even the buns. The fat sources are good too…lot of olive oil.

  2. I have some hamburger in the freezer at the moment, and I’m definitely
    going to work on a kickass burger recipe soon. Going through some of his
    videos for some help.

  3. that isnt that healthy, to much olive oil , salt and carbs , instead of
    potato and would of used sweet potato, only need a little bit of olive oil
    that was to much , and i wouldnt of used salt ,

    1. that doesnt make them bad………… some athlettes take 400+ carbs a day
      so are they unhealthy ? NOniga

    2. +MoreRicePlease for them firemen it is , because there fat and all the
      carbs will do will give them more fat, carbs are healthy for active fit
      people . They should only have 200 to 300 carbs max , they are fat .

    1. Yes. And that’s why it’s being used as a *seasoning*, not as a drink
      straight out of the bottle. Sugar is *fine*in the proportion the ketchup
      adds to the entire meal. Nutrition is about looking at the total intake,
      not at a single ingredient. Understanding that might make your life less
      chchchch funny, but a whole lot healthier and probably tastier if you’ve
      been forgoing ketchup, fruit and juices because of their sugar content by

  4. I wonder… Can Gordon make something without salt (salit to food is like
    nicotine to sigarets)? Don’t get me wrong, I love Gordon.. learned a lot of
    him… but what is this fetishs with great cooks and salt?

    1. +Terablast You realy did not get it? Ask your biology teacher. And if you
      realy interested… browes the Internet before asking questions. – I state
      in a friendly way. – 🙂

    2. Salt is an essential and important part of all human diet.
      Nicotine is an adctive and stimulant drug.

      I’m sorry, I can’t really see your point what you mean by saying they are

    3. +Terablast Yes, it is essential… But we get enough of it just without
      putting it royal on our food. But I believe people did not get my point. I
      was wondering why a great chef like Gordon (and a lot of his colleagues are
      so obsessed about using salt. This was not for me an anti salt discussion.
      I would like to see Gordon to cook withou salt…. and it can be done.

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