HEALTHY CHICKEN BIRYANI IN THE WORLD | Bamboo Chicken Biryani | JUNGLE CHICKEN | Bongulo Chicken |


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52 Replies to “HEALTHY CHICKEN BIRYANI IN THE WORLD | Bamboo Chicken Biryani | JUNGLE CHICKEN | Bongulo Chicken |”

  1. i personally like this concept ??
    they have just shown us a way to make it its upon us now …you can always
    learn something and create something creative out this technique?

  2. why so many haters? Can’t you live 5 minutes without hand sanitizer? Germs
    die in high temperatures anyway, bamboo grows like crazy (even up to 3ft a
    day), let people live their lives. Watch carefully and maybe you learn

    1. +Ridgey Didge
      going toilet and not washing hands after wards ? are u fucking out of ur
      mind ?
      Don’t discuss on a matter if u don’t know bout it. That makes ya sound

  3. tell you something best food are in the street, all these people do this
    with love, and necessity which is the mother of invention..

  4. U can have this at Maredumilli. It’s a small Pit stop Hill station on ur
    way to Rajahmundry from Bhadrachalam via Chintoor. Less travelled roads.

    1. +vivek ambekar I meant what is he adding at the stage when he cuts the
      bamboo. I think Lord Meric is right.
      However thank you for pointing that out about the recipe…I am still into
      the cutting the bamboo phase 🙂 lol joking

    2. it’s vegetable butter u can add normal butter or coconut butter too. in
      this recipe they didn’t use any water and that’s the magic

  5. Looks tasty! Novel way of cooking , but do not quite understand why cook in
    the bamboo ? They are speaking telugu so must be available in Telengana or
    Andhra Pradesh. I will be inclined to try in Kakinada , Kurnool or
    Hyderabad! Lovely street food!

  6. completely stupid video when u don’t want to share the location,i was
    reading all the comments and none has got the reply for location,u mention
    the location bro,the video and ur effort will not worth without it

    1. What ignorance. How does knowing the location make a video good or bad?
      It’s a cooking video, not a video giving you a tour of the location. lol

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