Healthy Breakfast & Lunch Ideas for School or Work!

Thumbs for attempting to eat healthy and balanced!! LOL:-RRB-.

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DISCLAIMER: I'm not a nutritionist nor am I an "all organic" food eater- I similar to these dishes for when I don't intend to eat convenience food all day. You are cost-free to change the recipes up as high as you intend to fit your requirements!

Things in video clip:.

sweater: Nastygal.
Farberware purple Pots & pans – amazon.
Routine Graham biscuits (honey housemaid).
Low fat Greek yogurt( try to find one without a great deal of calories).
Spiral slicer:.
Basil Pesto lotion sauce – Target.
Early morning star blackbean collapses.
Starbucks cup from starbucks.
Kroeger fat totally free hot delicious chocolate.

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48 Replies to “Healthy Breakfast & Lunch Ideas for School or Work!”

    1. +Joao Marcos I recommend always being full on some good, high carb and low
      fat, food! Just look up some amazing recipes by typing “high carb low fat
      vegan recipes”, hope this helps you!

  1. Splenda…that is sooooooooooo bad for you…! Also “Sugar Free and DIET”
    are horrible for you with the artificial sweeteners added to them. They say
    you are better off with sugar. Research research! : )

    1. +Kinley.Shayne Regular sugar has Glucose. Splenda doesn’t. With that being
      said, splenda, and all other artificial sweetners, can give you diabetes a
      lot quicker than regular sugar. The reason is because your body has
      glucose. Your body can detect regular sugar and can tell you when you are
      eating too much of it, as oppose to sweetners, your body doesn’t know what
      it is, therefore, can not tell you you’re eating too much of it.

  2. I hate all these comments like, oh you should eat more, she says calories
    way too many times or, that’s an unhealthy diet/ or she has an eating
    disorder. Like shut up, Andrea, I loved this video!!! You rock girl! Xx

  3. If anyone tried the zucchini spaghetti let me know how it was cause I’m not
    about that vegetable life

    1. if you have not tried it yet its really good but i like to eat it with
      ranch so totally try it that way.

    1. the cream sauce is for sure not healthy , whipping cream and greek yogurt
      may seem not that unhealthy but they are full of calories and the entire
      Starbucks thing is not healthy. even if she uses low fat ingredients they
      have other substances that are even more harmful to replace the fat

    2. I agree. the starbucks thing is not very healthy. It does save money to
      make it yourself. I think it works better on the pocketbook then it does
      the health. She went way over the edge with all that splenda she put into

  4. Why does she keep talking about calories? Being healthy isn’t always about
    low calories, sometimes calories are good if your having the right ones

    1. calories is just a unit of measuring energy so it doesn’t really make sense
      to say there is a right type of calorie. She and you may be getting it
      confused with carbohydrates?

  5. Do not buy low fat foods. Those foods replace large amounts of sugar in
    replace of the “reduced fat” (to keep the flavor, manufacturers add sugar )

  6. I don’t understand why people feel the need to correct someone on a healthy
    video. I understand some stuff in this video may be wrong, but just let the
    girl be. LIKE, DANG!

  7. She said “less calories” like million times. Eating healthy is not eating
    less calories u know. Its about having a balanced diet. I think we should
    change this videos name to “Diet: Breakfast&Lunch Ideas for School or Work”

  8. Tip for cold breakfast : make a smoothie the night before with what ever i
    like to use green tea and blueberrys so vegan no milk man and I get ice
    blocks molds and freeze it smoothie ice blocks ???

  9. Is this a joke? Title says HEALTHY and your recipes have dairy. Pus is not
    healthy, last time I checked.Honestly, what is keeping you from being
    vegan? Anyway I still subbed to you, I am really hoping you’d go vegan

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